Los angeles film college


The Los Angeles Film College, a department of the International Academy of Film and Television, IAFT, offers every person with a strong passion for the film industry and deep seated desire to devote their life work to it absolutely all of the stepping stones required to enter the gateway.

While it is true a stone cannot be thrown in los angeles film college area without hitting an alleged film making school, the Los Angeles Film College has boosted the International Academy of Film and Television to the very top of the accreditations list, with very good reasons. The industry’s film and television studios are well aware of the quality of professionalism displayed by graduates of Los Angeles Film College department of IAFT. Those graduates have already developed experienced comprehension of film and its production in order to mesh quickly into the project to which they are assigned. Whether their duties are in film, tv, or video production, our graduates excelled before they entered their first film project, and they will only continue to excel as their careers thrive.

IAFT offers two programs for film making career students:
• Filmmaking Certificate, a five month two-term program that takes the students through 280 hours of classroom and 170 hours of hands-on lab training.
• Filmmaking Diploma, a ten month program which has four terms of studies encompassing 560 hours of classroom and 340 hours of hands-on lab work.

The Filmmaking Certificate Program embodies the initial half of the requirements for a Diploma in Filmmaking from the International Academy of Film and Television. The Diploma carries the second half of the study and experience requirements, plus the polish and sheen of the accomplished filmmaking graduate student.

The final term of the Diploma Program entails the Pre-production and Post-production duties and requirements, plus the Financing, Market and Distribution end of any film project. Students have a fourteen hour class on Career Development, a vitally necessary information nugget for the career minded professional.

The initial classes undertaken by students aspiring to find their niche in the film industry are in the realms of Screenwriting and Editing. Even if not an aspiring accomplished screenwriter, knowledge of the art and its complexities will make the student an artist with a camera, behind and in front of the camera.

The next balcony rail our students navigate is that of directing. They will develop the skills and talents required to direct the acting and camera movement within the video or film, and will demonstrate this before graduation by the preparation of a silent video for professional rating.

Production woes and resultant fail-safes are studied so that our students are acclimated to the importance of staying within budget or to creatively employ various means of doing so in the industry.

With this training there is the educational manna of financing strategies for film projects or very different television projects. Without financing, the production cannot walk, and without walking, the film project cannot take to the industry’s airwaves and be seen by the public. This, after all, is what the filmmaking industry is striving for with each project, movie, video, script or pilot production: Air time that turns into award winning success for the entire crew responsible.


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