What Does a Film Producer Do?

los angeles film college

A Los Angeles film college that trains a student to enter the filmmaking field with applied experience and a record of achievement is a valuable asset. The purpose a formal film school education is based on the concept that the film industry is a craft business, and no person learns a craft from observation and theoretical knowledge alone. A producer is a film industry professional that understands all aspects of a film, from finding a script to hiring the cast and crew and remaining on budget throughout production and post-production. The overseer of the entire production, the producer communicates with the studio, director and crew members to ensure the entire film is completed smoothly, within a scheduled time frame. The distribution is also a responsibility of the producer that manages and controls the public-facing message about the film. The producer role is often granted to a person by the studio after he or she becomes familiar to the industry as an actor, director, screenwriter or by working through the ranks from an assistant producer.

los angeles film college

Sometimes, however, a person will identify a book or script that would be a compelling film and will become an independent producer and secure studio support or private financing to produce a film. The level of hands-on contact during the film’s production may vary, but most authoratative sources agree, that a producer that knows the cast and crew and manages conflicts and behaves as a liaison between departments is more successful than one that focuses on the logistics from afar. But the dynamics of each film are different, and expectations for a successful producer will vary. develop shooting schedule. A skill set that a successful producer will have is the ability to work well with people, handle and avoid potential conflicts, task orientation and organization. The producer of a film will frequently work closely with the director in selecting the cast and crew, location and overseeing and completing the final product during post-production, which usually requires from 28 to 32 weeks after the filming is completed.

los angeles film college

The focus of a film studio tends to be in hiring the creative team comprised of the director, editor and composer that tend to determine the financial revenue a film earns in the box office. The producer is more of an independent, if not invisible role, in that if completed successfully it will more likely be noticed as an absence of mistakes. The job is composed of hundreds of small jobs that must be completed well in order for the film’s process to progress uninhibited.

An executive producer is the leader and may have a team of producers. Task delegation is another role that a producer must carry out effectively. A film school can help a student identify if a film producer role may be an appropriate fit as an entry-level profession or one to aspire to following gaining experience as an actor, director or film editor. Many film professionals enjoy trying the many roles that form the cast and crew of a movie set, and a producer is one that offers a numerous rewards.


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